Year 2

photographic philosophies


Disobedient Objects

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A review of the ‘Disobedient objects’ exhibition at the V&A. The work within ‘Disobedient Objects’ was almost entirely made  up of objects and images used in protests and movements. And this was the overall theme connecting all the work. Of which there was a huge range, including pieces from all over the world, including Russia, Argentina,  India and many more.  The work shown also covered quite a large time period, as some pieces dated back to the the 70s and 80s, whereas others were made very recently.

What was interesting though, was that i expected the work to be by artists as it was an ‘exhibition’ however the majority of pieces were done by ordinary people. Obviously some were designed e.g. ‘the silence = death’ campaign but a lot were simply made quickly and for the sole purpose of being used in protest; never intended to be shown in a gallery setting.

I especially liked a piece that was simply a box painted onto the wall, in which people attending the exhibition were encouraged to place flyers, leaflets etc. about their own causes and thing they were protesting against (pictured above). As this made me as the audience feel part of the exhibition which was interesting. In addition there was a robot that had been designed to be able to write using spray paint, which i though was an ingenious idea.

The exhibition itself was held in the The Porter Gallery within the V&A. Although it is quite a small room, there is a lot of content within in it and. As you walked in one of the first things you noticed was that the first section of the exhibition had a large number of huge poles going from floor to ceiling, which almost guided you round, it then opened up into a large space where the rest of the exhibition was. Some of the work was mounted directly onto the poles, and some in front or even within the poles. This gave a sense of entrapment or confinement to the viewers which was fitting due to the subject of the exhibition.

In conclusion I found this exhibition incredibly interesting and enlightening and it  is probably one of my favourite exhibitions i have attended to date.

Basic Typographic Composition Design workshop

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Here are a few of layouts i produced in this exercise. The exercise consisted of getting certain pieces of information and then moving them around until we had some layouts that we were happy with, we then stuck down the best ones. I made around 10 different layouts the first five just consisting of; the artists name, date, title, mad cow theatre presents and one black circle. The last ten also contained a small write up about the event.